Theological Insights from a Modern Perspective

Table of Contents

A Note to Readers

A Note to Readers – Update


Chapter 1 – Ramblings – Theological commentary on various topics.

Chapter 2 – Soteriology – Commentaries on Salvation

Chapter 3 – Genesis – An Exegesis on the Book of Genesis

Chapter 4 – Separation of Church and State

Chapter 5 – The Parables of Jesus

Chapter 6 – The Teachings of Jesus

Appendix A – Theology from Outside

Appendix B – Insights into Eastern Theology

Appendix C – Non-Theology Topics



Comments on: "Table of Contents" (11)

  1. I hope you don’t think this is too shallow, but I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. To accept the award, visit my post: Love your blog, it is both inspiring me and helping me get a grasp on Eastern traditions vs my own Western (Anglican) ones.


  2. When away from the cares of the day, is there any other kind?


  3. Thank you, again, for the award nomination.

    I’m delighted to have been nominated by Ritu, the author of the creative and eclectic blog, But I Smile Anyway. I was also nominated by the author of the blog, The Modern Theologian. This blog provides interesting and thought provoking discussions on religion. These nominations are such a surprise, and I’m happy to accept.


  4. Hello! I’ve nominated you for this 3 Day Quote Challenge, if you’re interested. There’s no obligation. 🙂


  5. I really appreciate the nomination, and had to think about it a long time, but in the end I have decided not to participate. I like the idea of awards on WP for achievements, but the challenges are a mixed thing for me. Too many of the blogs that I enjoy for the content have been taken over by challenges, some to the point that it is just about all they post anymore. This was limited to three so I don’t mind it, but the weekly ones have gotten to the point of just being annoying.

    I hope you understand my decision. Again, I appreciate the thought.


  6. just knockin’ awn da door. might go in next time. good 1st MMMpresshun ~


  7. Very nice blog. Keep it up.


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