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Americans are pigs (non-religious rant)

litterOkay, so I’ve always known Americans are pigs when it comes to their trash. They think the world is their garbage dump (except for their own property). The worst are smokers who think ashtrays in cars are to be kept immaculate, while the rest of the world is where you toss your butts (over 100,000 wildfires started by discarded cigarette butts per year). litter_at_side_of_road_lowres_3662

I’ve even gotten (somewhat) used to Americans thinking the outdoors is where they are supposed to discard their fast food trash (food wrappers, drink cups) and their coffee cups.

I pick on Americans because this is my home, but also because I’ve travelled a bit outside of my home. I’ve not seen this type of “piggery” in any of the other countries I’ve visited. While I’ve never been there, I understand Singapore and Thailand are compulsive about keeping their cities clean. Americans just don’t care.

coronavirus-stoll-13So, why this rant now? Because as of late I’ve seen American’s latest object of the things they desire to discard everywhere and anywhere – face masks. The purpose of these masks is to keep viruses from contaminating other people if you happen to contract it, so throwing the masks into streets, parks, playground, is especially disgusting.

Additionally, I volunteer with a group that serves the American Veteran community, we provide supplies needed by returning, homeless, and active troops. A local bar held a collection for us, something rare during the CV-19 lockdowns, and was greatly appreciated. I picked it up this past week, only to find some people decided that the collection bin near the front door was a handy place to toss their trash on the way out. Napkins, tissue paper, and chicken bones all rendered the contents unusable. Nearly $100 worth of goods tossed.

Yes, Americans are pigs.

End of rant.

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