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I weep for America

Yesterday’s violent protests in Washington DC is the worst violence I have seen here since the Vietnam “peace” protests. I am actually ashamed to be an American.

Trump carries the majority of the blame for this, because he is the acting President, and his tweets about voting fraud (not validated by his SCOTUS) and not accepting the results (certified by the process). However, he does not bear full responsibility.

Next in line is the left, specifically those who call themselves Progressives, for doing 4 years ago what was done yesterday – refusing to accept the election results that put Trump into office. The situation has been escalating since the left started protesting every time they lose an election – going back to the Regan era, continuing with the Bush’s (especially GWB), and culminating with the Trump election. Up to this point the right has accepted the results when they lost, though there had to come a time when things would explode.

Finally, Obama, Pelosi and the Democratic Party has to accept responsibility for their part in all of this.

Obama for his governance by implementing nearly everything by executive fiat, and for bypassing Congress at every step instead of working through the process. Most especially with the illegally implemented Affordable Care Act. Politicians are, by nature, arrogant, but Obama’s arrogance was over the line, and fostered the anger we saw explode yesterday. He cannot shirk his responsibility in what happened.

Pelosi for her “leadership” in the Democratic Party refusing to participate in their Congressional duties during Trump’s first three years. During those years the Democratic “leadership”, especially Pelosi, refused to do their part in the passing/creating of new bills and legislation meant to help the American public. Acting like children in the Terrible Threes by stomping their feet, shouting, and crying because their party didn’t win – legally.

All of this has built up over the decades, leading to the inevitable explosion we saw yesterday. Everyone, on both sides, bear responsibility, including the Republicans (including those from my state, Pennsylvania) who joined in on refusing to accept the election results. Were there problems with the election? Yes. Would they have changed the final results? Probably not.

Here in Pennsylvania the Democratic Party, and the Democratic judges on our Supreme Court, bear responsibility. This is what happens when you load the courts with judges who ignore law and simply vote party line. I’m not sure if their banning of the Green Party candidate would have changed the election results here in Pa., though the numbers from the Obama election do bear that out. The DNC worked hard to keep the Green Party off of the ballots in a number of states, here they succeeded. This is election by fraud.

Both parties also bear responsibility for forcing a two-party system on America, preventing those who do not agree with either side, from having a voice in the American government. We refuse to allow such systems in other countries that we “liberate”, but here we insist on it being the only way things can be done.

What do I see for America’s future? Unless a major change of attitude occurs (with Progressives in charge I don’t see it happening) within the country, especially within the “political elite”, more of the same. Each side needs to go back to accepting that they will not get everything they want, but accept what they can get – it’s called compromise, and it’s something neither side is good at. Lack of compromise started with the abortion debate, where everyone agreed on “rape and life of the mother” as acceptable conditions. But, the Progressive Left refused to stop there, believing they should get everything they want – damn what the other side wants. This has continued with everything the PL wants – get a little now and push for more later. The problem is that the other side didn’t like not having their values considered important. Eventually this had to, and did, lead to the explosion we saw yesterday. People whose beliefs and values have long been walked over finally said, “This is enough, we’ve had it”, but in a violence rarely seen here.

The question is: have we learned anything? Will Biden, Pelosi, and the PL realize that there are other voices in this country, just as important as theirs. Or will they do as Obama did and ignore the needs/desires of the other side and just push/force their agenda on the rest of the country? I hope not, but I see little hope from their rhetoric. With one party now in control of the entire government I see nothing but further escalation of violence in our future.

I weep for America.

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