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I weep for America

Yesterday’s violent protests in Washington DC is the worst violence I have seen here since the Vietnam “peace” protests. I am actually ashamed to be an American.

Trump carries the majority of the blame for this, because he is the acting President, and his tweets about voting fraud (not validated by his SCOTUS) and not accepting the results (certified by the process). However, he does not bear full responsibility.

Next in line is the left, specifically those who call themselves Progressives, for doing 4 years ago what was done yesterday – refusing to accept the election results that put Trump into office. The situation has been escalating since the left started protesting every time they lose an election – going back to the Regan era, continuing with the Bush’s (especially GWB), and culminating with the Trump election. Up to this point the right has accepted the results when they lost, though there had to come a time when things would explode.

Finally, Obama, Pelosi and the Democratic Party has to accept responsibility for their part in all of this.

Obama for his governance by implementing nearly everything by executive fiat, and for bypassing Congress at every step instead of working through the process. Most especially with the illegally implemented Affordable Care Act. Politicians are, by nature, arrogant, but Obama’s arrogance was over the line, and fostered the anger we saw explode yesterday. He cannot shirk his responsibility in what happened.

Pelosi for her “leadership” in the Democratic Party refusing to participate in their Congressional duties during Trump’s first three years. During those years the Democratic “leadership”, especially Pelosi, refused to do their part in the passing/creating of new bills and legislation meant to help the American public. Acting like children in the Terrible Threes by stomping their feet, shouting, and crying because their party didn’t win – legally.

All of this has built up over the decades, leading to the inevitable explosion we saw yesterday. Everyone, on both sides, bear responsibility, including the Republicans (including those from my state, Pennsylvania) who joined in on refusing to accept the election results. Were there problems with the election? Yes. Would they have changed the final results? Probably not.

Here in Pennsylvania the Democratic Party, and the Democratic judges on our Supreme Court, bear responsibility. This is what happens when you load the courts with judges who ignore law and simply vote party line. I’m not sure if their banning of the Green Party candidate would have changed the election results here in Pa., though the numbers from the Obama election do bear that out. The DNC worked hard to keep the Green Party off of the ballots in a number of states, here they succeeded. This is election by fraud.

Both parties also bear responsibility for forcing a two-party system on America, preventing those who do not agree with either side, from having a voice in the American government. We refuse to allow such systems in other countries that we “liberate”, but here we insist on it being the only way things can be done.

What do I see for America’s future? Unless a major change of attitude occurs (with Progressives in charge I don’t see it happening) within the country, especially within the “political elite”, more of the same. Each side needs to go back to accepting that they will not get everything they want, but accept what they can get – it’s called compromise, and it’s something neither side is good at. Lack of compromise started with the abortion debate, where everyone agreed on “rape and life of the mother” as acceptable conditions. But, the Progressive Left refused to stop there, believing they should get everything they want – damn what the other side wants. This has continued with everything the PL wants – get a little now and push for more later. The problem is that the other side didn’t like not having their values considered important. Eventually this had to, and did, lead to the explosion we saw yesterday. People whose beliefs and values have long been walked over finally said, “This is enough, we’ve had it”, but in a violence rarely seen here.

The question is: have we learned anything? Will Biden, Pelosi, and the PL realize that there are other voices in this country, just as important as theirs. Or will they do as Obama did and ignore the needs/desires of the other side and just push/force their agenda on the rest of the country? I hope not, but I see little hope from their rhetoric. With one party now in control of the entire government I see nothing but further escalation of violence in our future.

I weep for America.


Birth of our Lord and Savior

nativity_icxc_005Today the world, like it or not, remembers the birth of Jesus some 2000 years ago. Remembers, though not necessarily celebrates. In rememberance of the Gift given to the world of God’s son we present gift to our loved ones. When I was young (and Moses was trying to tread water in the Nile) we gave gifts we felt expressed our feelings towards the other person. These days we give gifts that advertisers tell us we should give, and if we don’t give that Helzberg diamond then we really don’t love her. (more…)

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Okay, not the 1987 Steve Martin move (not one of his best anyway). This post is about transportation in America. Most of the world thinks that Americans have a love of the automobile because of our independent spirit, not so. Americans love the automobile because, unlike most of the other civilized nations (and many others) American mass transit sucks the big one. (more…)

America a Darwinian Nation

Wednesday I was at the annual Darwin Day at Duquesne University, the presentation was by the eminent professors Drs. Rosemary and Peter Grant on the continuing evolution of the Darwin Finch. It was an amazing presentation on the rapid evolution of the species due to the continuing environmental changes in the Galapagos Islands. If you are interested in the presentation it will (at some time) be uploaded to their site: Darwin Day 2018.

Anyway, after the presentation my mind started to wander (happens more often than not) on how everything evolves from external pressures and changes. Even Christianity has evolved over the centuries from small home-based churches struggling with keeping a unified church following the same systems of beliefs (delivered by tweleve Apostles (including Paul) and numerous disciples) to the modern day with thousands of denominations having little desire to interact with each other, some with teachings barely reflecting anything we find in the New Testament.

Would that my mind could stay there, but such was not to be the case, I started to think about America (United States of, as we fail to remember that Canada and Mexico are America as well). The US was a great experiment in self government (not Democracy, but self government), a people who cast off the imperialistic government almost 3,500 miles away so as to take control of their own destiny.

The new government was set up in such a way as to allow the country to be ruled, no, governed, by represenatives elected by the states (exact method varied from state to state). Sixty nine electors voted for George Washington, the first and only unanimous vote ever recorded for President. John Adams won 34 votes, making him the Vice President (each elector had two votes, one for each position). At that time only six of the thirteen colonies allowed for a popular vote. The only citizenship requirement is that you be a citizen of the United States (immigrant or natural born) for no less thatn fourteen years.

Our leaders then were smart, they knew that the Consitution had to be a living, breathing document in order to allow this young nation to grow, so they provided a method for future generations to change it to meet their needs, and change it we have (27 times). Fortunately, they were also smart enough to allow that one or two largely populated states (ex: NY and Ca.) couldn’t run roughshod over the rest of the country simply because they had more people. No, they were bright enough to know that in a true Democracy (one person, one vote) the little guy (or small state) would have no voice in this new nation, so they put in safeguards.

America has, over her 241 years, seen massive changes in law, culture, and ideology. We have moved from a country where the ownership of an individual was considered part of the natural order, to a time where we look upon it with disgust. We no longer allow for the treatment of women as property, or as the part of society that stays home “barefoot and pregnant”, but are looked upon as a valued partner in this great experiment. America has long welcomed immigrants to her shores – not. In the early nation Catholics were not accepted in most states. Chinese laborers brought over to build the railways (and other projects) were treated as sub-human. In the great state of diversity (NY) Irish were not allowed to hold jobs in many fields. Eastern Europeans brought to work in the mines and steel mills were treated poorly. Oddly enough, immigrant Mexican workers were welcomed, indeed they were not restricted by the immigration quotas of the 1924 Immigration Act. It was not until the Great Depression that Mexican immigrantion went, well, south. Now we are in a struggle caused, not by migrant workers, but by the drug cartels and 9/11. Prior to these events Mexican workers flowed freely between the two countries as seasons, and job availability, changed. Closing of the borders trapped these workers on one side or the other of the border, leading to the Mexicans on this side being classified as “illegal” immigrants, and those on the other side finding their choices limited to life in poverty and danger, or sneaking across the border hoping for a better life, much as millions of immigrants before them.

America continues to undergo Darwinian Evolution, like the Darwin Finch, changed by both external pressures and internal ones. This evolution comes to us in two forms (as all evolution does) – gentle evolution of an evolving species through inbreeding and natural progression, and through the violent changes brought about when the natural processes are interrupted. For the finch this comes about during those periods of drought and excess; in America this comes as societal segments become impatient (sometimes rightly so) at the slow progression of a developing nation (we sometimes forget that we are but 241 years old, unlike countries hundreds of years our senior).

So, we continue to grow and change again, this Great Experiment we call the United States. As we do so we must do it with the wisdom and foresight that our first leaders put forward – in changing to meet our needs and desires those in the majority must remember that this country was created not just for them, but to shelter and protect the minorty as well. We must understand that the desires of the majority cannot but used to overpower the rights of the minorty, for we are all equal citizens of these United States.

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