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A History of Christianity – The Western Church

To fully understand the history of the Western church we have to go back to 313 AD, when Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome, legitimized the Christian religion. This was great news for the entire Christian world – finally they could worship in the open, and not fear persecution or death for their beliefs. This, however, was not to last.


A History of Christianity – The Eastern Church

This part will not be done in chronological order, it would be far too confusing with everything happening on two (or three) continents and over hundreds of years, the only way to handle this is by using a time machine to pop from one time to another and back, and from one place to another. So, come aboard with me, my favorite time traveler, and his TARDIS.


Christian History – Jerusalem

“…you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.”


A History of Christianity – The (not so) Great Schism

aka, Bishops behaving badly.


A History of Christianity – The Great Schism

In 1054 AD the Eastern Orthodox Church left the Roman Catholic Church…or did it?


A History of Christianity – An Explosion

John, the last of the Apostles, died in 101 AD, the only one to have passed due to natural causes, this brings an end to the Apostolic Age and brings with it the turmoil that is the 2nd Century.


A History of Christianity – The Apostolic Sees

So, the Holy Spirit gets the Apostles kicked out of Jerusalem so that the real job of building the church can begin. The Apostles and disciples scatter throughout the Roman Empire and beyond taking the message of the Good News far and wide.


A History of Christianity – Christian Diaspora

It would be interesting to see what Christianity, indeed our world, would be like had there never been a diaspora in the early church, but there was. In fact, there were two.


A History of Christianity – Opening Remarks

I want to lay out a few things before we start. (more…)

A History of Christianity


An abridged history of the Christian church from its founding. This series will look into the history, not of the Christian faith but of the Christian church, starting from before its inception.

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