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A note to followers

About a month ago something happened to my hand. It’s swollen and painful, difficult to write even this. So far doctors have ruled out everything (PCP really), and have sent me to a rheumatologist. Every try to make a new patient appointment with one of these? The ones my PCP recommended (all in a practice together) have no openings until May, who wants to live with pain for 4 months? I had to go out of network (if you like your doctor….) to get one that has an opening in 3 weeks. I will be away from the blog at least that long, even doing replies is painful enough that I have really restricted even that activity. Typing left-handed for a right-handed person is a laborious activity. But, I wanted to let people know why I have been inactive, and will be for the foreseeable future.


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  2. Father, give the doctors insight into what is causing this and the knowledge for its treatment. Until then please ease the pain and swelling. In Jesus’ name and for Your glory, amen and thank You!

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  3. Will keep you in our prayers. Take care!


  4. I told you not to grab for it…


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    This is why you buy a bottle opener. It is 2017! I hope you feel better soon! We will send Gary to open future bottles for you. -OM
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  6. I hope you get well soon and things will be ok


  7. Ok what is up with the new posts? You found a new hobby huh… fishing?


  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your hand. I hope you have answers and relief soon. Thinking of you.


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