Theological Insights from a Modern Perspective

For those who may be reading my blog for the first time I feel that a short introduction is necessary so that you have an understanding of who I am and where I am coming from on this discussion. I am not a priest, minister, preacher, nor do I have a congregation, I am a trained theologian. For those unfamiliar with the concept of a theologian, a theologian doesn’t tell people they are damned to hell for what they have said or done, we don’t preach on who is or isn’t a Christian, we simply study Sacred Scripture to divine God’s will for mankind. How best to live and follow the narrow path that Christ taught. Of the four Gospels, John’s is referred to as the Theological Gospel for it deals not with the historical accounts of Jesus, but of the divine aspect of Jesus and the path to righteousness.

In this light I am not going to speak on whether marriage is between a man and woman or just between two people, instead I want to address the larger issue here and that is the attitude of Christians towards the homosexual community, an attitude that reeks of the same attitude towards black people from when the first slaves were brought to America in 1619 until recently; one of them being, somehow, less than “us”.

The Biblical teaching on homosexuality is straightforward, it is considered by both the OT and NT as a sin against God. But it is not an unforgivable sin, only sin against the Spirit is unforgivable. Who amongst  us has not sinned against God? Lied, cheated, stolen, engaged in sexual relations outside of marriage or with a married person? I could go on and on, the ways man can sin are legion, and we seem to make a game out of finding new ways to sin. 

Lately I have been seeing cases in the news of Christians in court suing because of baking cakes for homosexuals marriages, not wanting to rent to homosexuals (coupled or not), even refusing to take photographs of homosexuals, all in the name of Christianity. Really? Jesus made no mention of homosexuality during his three years of ministry (not meant to be taken as his approval) but he did come out strongly against one sin: divorce. No way, shape or form is divorce permitted except marital infidelity, certain not “irreconcilable differences” as is so popular these days, even among Christians. Yet I see no stories of bakers refusing cakes to second marriages, refusal to rent to divorced people, etc. Where is the Christian outrage? Why do churches refuse to grant divorces? Why do pastors not refuse to marry divorcees?

Right or wrong SCOTUS made their decision, it is now law unless overturned, and the 2nd amendment has a better chance of being repealed then a reversal on gay marriage. No judge is going to “unmarry” hundreds (thousands?) of people. Just look at Obamacare, and that was passed illegally even by SCOTUS’s own admission. America is a secular country, not a religious one. It was created that way after so many people fled the religious governments of the time for sanctuary (Rome, England, the Norwegian countries, Russia, etc.) that the Continental Congress did not want to create yet another religious nation. And we should all be grateful for that, for what religion would have been put in place? Christianity? Whose? Protestant? Episcopal? Catholic? Mormon? Quaker? Far too many differences among them to make anyone happy with a choice. It was not long ago that you could be refused a job just for being Catholic. Kennedy had to promise not to allow his Catholicism guide his presidency, no such demand was made of any president, even Nixon – a Quaker elected at the height of the Vietnam war. 

Jesus told us how we are to live and how we are to treat others, a simple set of rules to live by, far easier than the 613 Mosaic Laws, even easier than the 10 Commandments, just two: to love God more than anything (or anyone) and to love your neighbor as yourself. He didn’t say love your friends, your mates, your paesano, but to love your neighbor, a term he qualified to include everyone, friend or foe. When Jesus died his one bequest of his Father was to forgive those who had put him to death. And we want to refused a piece of cake because someone is gay?


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  1. Thank you for a thoughtful and compelling post.


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