Theological Insights from a Modern Perspective

Expulsion from ParadiseGenesis – בראשית – γένεση – In the Beginning.

Genesis is the first book of the Jewish Torah, the Greek Pentateuch, the English Old Testament. It is the story of beginnings. The beginning of the universe. The beginning of the Earth. The beginning of life. The beginning of the human race(s). And, ultimately, the beginning of the People of God – the Jews.

It is also the most controversial of the books of Sacred Scripture, and the most misunderstood. Creationists see it as the literal explanation of how things began. Secular scientists see it as proof the entire 49 books are little more than fantasy. Those of us who belong to neither of the extremes see an infinite number of possibilities between the two, and are frequently derided by both sides. To the one side, you must believe or you are not a Christian. To the other, you must reject or you cannot be a scientist. Kind of like the two sides of Global Warming, you’re either a GW-ist or you’re a denier, no midpoints.

I make no pretense of trying to convert either extreme, it would be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole without changing its’ shape. In this category I intend to provide reasonable explanations to the stories in Genesis, from a modern viewpoint, taking into account current understandings of ancient languages, texts, cultures – Jewish/Semetic as well as the cultures surrounding “Israel”, and those from more distant shores.

The topics here will not be in chronological, or any other type of discernible sequence, simply by what the Spirit moves me to present at that time.

Will newer posts disagree with older ones? Possibly. As new information, and reinterpretation of older information, becomes available some contradictions are inevitable. For example, the controversy over Red Sea vs Sea of Reeds that rose over disagreement of where Moses crossed to get away from the Egyptians. Recently a new twist was added to the controversy, since Hebraic writing does not include vowels, another possible translation is “End Sea”, or the sea believed to mark the end of the earth, or the last sea.

Will you agree with everything? I hope not. Life would be boring if everyone agreed with everyone else on everything. Feel free to start a discussion on any of it. Some I will respond to, others I will not. I will moderate only to the extent of keeping the discussions friendly, “G” rated, and on topic.

Am I 100% correct on everything presented here? I seriously doubt it. I am, after all, only human. But, these are my best interpretations of what I have studied, and believe it to be as correct as I can make it at this point in time.

So, sit back, relax,  enjoy, question, and debate.


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